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Androtas Gel - testosterone - 75G - 1 Bottle Androtas Gel testosterone Brand India 75G 1 Bottle DR $119.99 Add
Cernos Capsules - testosterone - 40mg - 10 Capsules Cernos Capsules testosterone Brand India 40mg 10 Capsules DR $19.99 Add
Cernos Capsules - testosterone - 40mg - 30 Capsules Cernos Capsules testosterone Brand India 40mg 30 Capsules DR $60.00 Add
Cernos Capsules - testosterone - 40mg - 60 Capsules Cernos Capsules testosterone Brand India 40mg 60 Capsules DR $119.99 Add
Cernos Gel - testosterone - 50mg per 5g - 30 Sachets Androgel/​Cernos Gel testosterone Generic India 50mg per 5g 30 Sachets DR $159.92 Add
Cernos Gel - testosterone - 50mg per 5g - 30 Sachets Testosterone Gel/​Cernos Gel testosterone Brand India 50mg per 5g 30 Sachets DR $159.99 Add
Cernos Gel - testosterone - 50mg per 5g - 30 Sachets Androgel/​Cernos Gel testosterone Generic India 50mg per 5g 6 shipments of 30 Sachets DR $1006.46 Add
Cernos Gel - testosterone - 50mg per 5g - 30 Sachets Testosterone Gel/​Cernos Gel testosterone Brand India 50mg per 5g 6 shipments of 30 Sachets DR $1055.89 Add

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Testosterone is a vital male hormone responsible for the development, health and maintenance of male characteristics, sexual organs, sex drive, and, to some extent, mental or emotional well-being. When testosterone concentrations fall below a certain level, a condition known as hypogonadism, the above attributes begin to decline. To reverse the symptoms of hypogonadism, testosterone levels are restored to normal ranges with testosterone replacement therapy.

As testosterone is a widely-abused steroid, some areas may have restrictions regarding the purchase, possession, transport and use of the medication. Clients who buy testosterone from Kiwi Drug are responsible for complying with local laws.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Basics

Natural testosterone levels gradually diminish with age in most men, and a number of other factors -- ranging from physical injury to emotional trauma -- can further disrupt concentrations of the hormone. Hypogonadism is actually quite common, but many men dismiss the symptoms as inevitable signs of aging:

  • Loss of facial and body hair
  • Changes in voice pitch
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Loss of lean muscle mass
  • Lack of energy, fatigue
  • Apathy, depression or mood swings
  • Loss of interest in sex
  • Erectile dysfunction

Testosterone replacement therapy will reverse the above symptoms, though it often takes a few weeks to a few months of consistent treatment for full effects to be realized.

Note that the above symptoms may also be caused by conditions unrelated to hypogonadism; do not buy testosterone to treat hypogonadism unless it has been diagnosed by a physician. Tests are simple and inexpensive, and too much testosterone can be as damaging as too little.

Administering Testosterone

The treatment can be administered in a number of ways, each with its own benefits and drawbacks:

  • Patches: Convenient, but not always discreet. Usually administered once a day.
  • Pills: Very convenient, discreet and mild adverse reactions, but effects tend to be a little slower and subtler than other options. Usually taken once or twice a day.
  • Gels: Powerful and fast-acting, but can be inconvenient and pose a large risk of exposure to other members of the household. Usually applied once a day.
  • Injections: Also powerful and fast-acting, but many patients have an aversion to frequent administration via syringe. Usually given once a day.

For most men, choosing a method of administration is simply a matter of personal preference, but as treatment tends to be long-term, it is an important consideration. Ceasing treatment will cause hormone levels to gradually recede once again, and symptoms of hypogonadism are likely to reappear.

Testosterone Precautions

A big concern with testosterone, in particular with gels and injectable solutions, is contamination of other members of the household. It is crucial that children who haven't reached sexual maturity, pregnant or nursing women, and women who are trying to become pregnant not come into contact with the hormone, as it can be severely -- and permanently -- damaging to still-developing organs. These individuals should not even handle medications containing testosterone.

Additionally men with an enlarged prostrate and certain types of cancer should avoid testosterone use, unless under close doctor supervision.

Though testosterone is sometimes prescribed to treat certain conditions in women, there is a risk of undesirable side effects, such as developing facial hair.

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We sell only authentic, quality medications from legitimate manufacturers. Your order will processed quickly and delivered discreetly right to your doorstep -- saving you time, money and hassle!

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